Mets Lose Wrigley Opener

May 25, 2011

My day started off really well with employee appreciate week at work and an air hockey table temporarily brought in. From work I went and met up with some other Mets fans at Merkle’s before the game. The sun was still out, but I knew it was going to get cold. I just didn’t expect […]


The Mets are Coming to Town!

May 19, 2011

As I’ve done previously, I want to organize pre-game meetups. Where: Merkle’s on Clark Street. One of the owners is a Mets fan which I think is pretty cool. I emailed him asking about specials: $6 1/2 lb. burgers every game. Wednesday night: $10 pitchers; and shot specials for all people in Mets gear (pre-game […]


My Weekend at Wrigley Field for Mets/Cubs

September 6, 2010

No matter how good or bad the Mets might be playing, I always look forward to their games against the Cubs at Wrigley Field. It’s the one time of year that I don’t have to travel out of town to see them play. This year is a little different in that both teams are playing […]


Mets vs. Cubs – Games 2 & 3

August 30, 2009

Saturday started out with pre-game festivities at Merkle’s. There were a bunch of Mets fans that came into the bar and it was great. Definitely met some nice people, both from here and from out of town. The game itself, was just another one to forget about. I did have great seats for both games, […]


Mets/Cubs Meetups!

August 26, 2009
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It’s that time of year…where the Mets come to town to play the Cubbies. I know the Mets aren’t having the greatest season and have had an injury plagued year, but that shouldn’t stop you from coming out to the games to catch up with and meet other Mets fans!! Where: Pre-game meetups to be […]


I think I found my wings place

July 20, 2007

Last week or so, our friend Bedford told me the names of a few places he knew of that had good buffalo wings. So last night Nik and I decided to venture down to Clark Street by Wrigley for a drink or two and some dinner. Based on Bedford’s suggestion we decided to stop in […]