I Don't Get It: The Ryan Church Trade

July 11, 2009

I’d been enjoying a visit by my parents when I checked Twitter for the first time on Friday afternoon. The first tweet I saw was regarding a trade that sent Ryan Church to the Braves for Jeff Francoeur. I’m not a stats person, so I haven’t compared. But based on what I have seen of […]


Twitter Poll: Worst Mets Moment of the Season?

June 29, 2009
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Prompted by an email amongst myself and a few of my co-workers who are Mets fans, I threw out the following twitter poll: Vote for the worst moment of the Mets progressively worthless season… A) Ryan Church misses 3rd base in what would have been go ahead run vs Dodgers, Mets would lose in bottom […]


Love the Facial Hair!

June 30, 2008

I think some people know I’m a fan of (most) guys with goatees. So let’s just say I think a little time off did Ryan Church well:


I'm Going to a Stanley Cup Game!

May 21, 2008

Seven years after getting my picture taken with The Cup (see below), I’m going to a Stanley Cup game, actually two and depending on how things go, quite possibly a third game. Sure it’s not the Rangers or the Blackhawks, but as Nik has adopted the Mets, I have adopted the Penguins. I’m excited to […]