This and That

October 30, 2007

Came across a nice article at about the career paths Chris Drury and Tom Glavine took. Both guys are from the New England area and both played baseball and hockey while growing up. And they both played them well. To summarize: Glavine got drafted by the Atlanta Braves and the LA Kings. Drury’s fate […]


The 2008 Mets

October 18, 2007

This much we know…Willie Randolph will be back. While I’m indifferent to his staying, I hope Omar Minaya and his brain trust make some improvements to what was the 2007 Mets and to make more moves than they did from 2006 to 2007. I mean they really didn’t do much. They got older (Alou, keeping […]


Wild Night at Shea

August 24, 2007

After waiting out two waves of torrential downpours in our neighborhood, a few of us headed to Finley Dunne’s to meet some other Mets fans and catch the rest of the Mets/Padres game. It was 6-1 Padres when we got there…Tom Glavine started and ended with a no decision. In the top of the 6th, […]


Glavine Gets Key to NYC

August 10, 2007

This past Wednesday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg honored Tom Glavine’s 300th win by presenting him with a key to the city. Wednesday was also the day much of the NYC subway system was shut down due to flooding, and apparently a caller to the Mayor’s radio show took issue with his lack of […]


I Missed history

August 6, 2007

I don’t remember which came first, buying the Lollapalooza 3-day pass or the MLB schedules being released. But it was unfortunate for me that the Mets/Cubs series in Chicago coincided with Lollapalooza which was being headlined by Pearl Jam. Luckily though, Friday’s game was an afternoon game so I was able to see Ben Harper, […]


Mets fans galore!

August 6, 2007

If you can’t already tell, this past week was a busy and exciting one and it only got better as each day went on. Friday night, my friends Cassie and Trevor arrived in town for a little visit and to see the Mets/Cubs game on Saturday. Unfortunately a bad call by the first base umpire […]


At least I got a ball

August 1, 2007

Yesterday Nik and I spent the day in Milwaukee to catch the Mets/Brewers game at Miller Park. The story of the night was Tom Glavine pitching for his 300th career win. He pitched well enough to stay in the game for the start of the 7th inning. Aaron Heilman came in for relief and did […]


Letterman's Top 10 With the Mets

July 27, 2007

Last night, members of our favorite baseball team presented the Top Ten List on The Late Show With David Letterman: Top Ten Things You Never Knew About the New York Mets. You can view it here at Letterman’s website. Cute, yet kind of cheesy.


Glavine wins No. 299

July 26, 2007

Last night Nik and I checked out a bar in our neighborhood we hadn’t been to yet, Finley Dunnes Tavern. They have the MLB package, so right away it gets good marks from me. As we settled in our seats over a few drinks, the Mets offense started kicking some Pirates butt. And then Tom […]