I Witnessed a No-hitter

May 4, 2011

A better panorama of The Cell, formally known as US Cellular Field #WhiteSox #Photosynth

While the Mets have yet to have a pitcher throw a no-hitter, the Twins have tossed several of them, and I was witness to the most recent: May 3, 2011. (Depending where you look, the number of Twins no-hitters ranges from 5-7.)

The game was the first White Sox game of our 2011 7-pack that Nik and I bought. Going into the game I viewed it as a battle of second-to-last place and last place in the AL Central.

It wasn’t surprising that the White Sox had some offensive troubles, but I would never have guessed Jason Kubel’s home run would be the only run scored the whole game, in helping Francisco Liriano pitch a no-hitter as the Twins beat the White Sox 1-0.

The Scene
It was a cold night and US Cellular Field was pretty empty, especially in the 500 level where we were. We had our own row to ourselves, and only one person was in the row in front of us, as well as in the row behind us. However, there were Twins fans all throughout and they were especially noticeable as the game ended.

The game was cruising along. I took some pictures early on, but then put the camera away so I could watch the game. (Turns out I hadn’t fixed some of my settings and most of the pictures came out blurry anyway.) We kept score, but we’re not very good at it, meaning we  missed some of the action because we were constantly trying to make sure our scoring was correct.

The only run scored was on Kubel’s fourth-inning blast. In the bottom of the ninth, the White Sox had the top of the order coming up. The first two batters were retired easily before Adam Dunn came to the plate. He worked a full count, and then hit one of the hardest balls of the game, right at shortstop Matt Tolbert. Tolbert gloved it for the final out, and the Twins gathered at the mound to celebrate with their pitcher.

It was at this moment that I realized I was too slow to get the camera back out to properly capture the moment. Hopefully it won’t be the last no-hitter I witness.

*The above photo was taken on my iPhone with the app called Photosynth and then cropped in an app called Camera+.

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