Pictures with Mets Alumni

May 8, 2011

Until I write a full post about the Mets/Dodgers game from Friday, I wanted to get the pictures of Mets Alumni posted.

Most of the pictures were taken on my iPhone by kind people standing nearby. Each of the guys were very nice and very social, especially Ed Hearn who was letting people wear his World Series ring.

From top to bottom: Ed Hearn, Kevin Elster, Edgardo Alfonzo, George Foster and George “The Stork” Theodore.

Me with Ed Hearn, and I'm wearing his World Series ring

Me with Kevin Elster

Me with Edgardo Alfonzo

Me with George Foster

Me with George Theodore, "The Stork"

A few more pictures are in my Flickr set.

Of note:
*Elster said this was his first time to Citi Field and was impressed.
*George Theodore’s son took the picture for me.

5 Responses to “Pictures with Mets Alumni”

  1. its funny George is back at Mets games nobody seems to see among the alumni guys like bobby bonillia lol He does not live far from Citifield but he is on the Mets payroll no personal apperance to earn back some pennys for the owners. lol

  2. no Don Hahn and skip Lockwood lol

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  4. Ron – Thanks for the comments. I have no idea how they choose the alumni to participate in these things, but there are a ton of former players they could choose from, and that I’d love to see.

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