Mets vs. Cubs + The Cold = A Loss

May 27th, 2011 Posted in Mets games, Wrigley Field




Game 3 of the Mets/Cubs series was by the far the coldest. I even had to break out long underwear. TMI? Once again, Nik and I were supposed to be in the 400’s but we sat in some empty seats on the 200 level and had a great view of everything, even R.A. Dickey tripping on his way to first. Turns out he might have hurt his heel, but please, can the injury bug just leave the Mets alone for a few weeks?!

The Mets had a 1-0 lead heading to the bottom of the third off of Jose Reyes running smartly on the bases. He hit a double, but due to 2 Cubs errors he was able to score. It was pretty exciting and I’d rather be calling it an inside the park home run.

A pitching combo of Pedro Beato and Pat Misch proceeded to quickly give up a bunch of runs to the Cubs and that’s pretty much how the game went, losing 9-3 in the bitter cold. Of course Tim Byrdak and Jason Isringhausen had to get in on the fun of giving up runs too.




*Blackhawks legend Denis Savard sand the 7th inning stretch

**The full set of pictures can be found on Flickr

***Overall, it was fun to see the Mets at Wrigley. It only happens once a year and when it does, I’m all in. It was nice seeing some other fans turn out at Merkle’s before the games. Hopefully next year the weather is better and the Mets can get a few more wins when they visit.

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  2. By Jason on May 27, 2011

    It is unbelievable that the weather for the entire series was so miserable. Though I guess if it wasn’t for the bad weather the Mets might have lost the middle game too.

  3. By Julie on May 27, 2011

    Jason- Great to meet you the other night. I still can’t get over this weather. I’m sure it didn’t help the pitchers in the Thursday game. Hopefully the team can get back on track and win some games.

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