Road Trip: Pittsburgh

June 12, 2011


The MLB schedule people were on my side this year when they scheduled the Mets to be in Pittsburgh over a weekend. They were there in 2010 on a weekend as well, but due to other trips and events, Nik and I couldn’t get there for a game. This year we made it happen. And although we flew in Saturday morning and home Sunday morning, we made the most of it.


(Above: Mario Lemieux display at Heinz History Center)

This was my first ever visit to Pittsburgh and after checking into our hotel, which was by Fort Pitt, we walked to the Heinz History Center where we met our friends and toured the sports exhibit. It was just a small part of what the museum offered, but it was really interesting to learn about Pittsburgh sports history. From a marble championship to the variety of sports memorabilia, it was worth the visit. (More pictures on my Flickr)


(Above: Church Beer Works)

Following the museum we went for an afternoon snack at the Church Brew Works which was pretty cool. The altar was where all the brew kettles were setup. If you’re a beer drinker, or into seeing something different, Church Brew Works is for you. (More pictures on my Flickr)

Roberto Clemente Statue

Finally, the game. The weather was hot. We wore jeans because I thought there was a chance for rain and I just didn’t expect it to feel so humid. So it was nice to be in the shade when we briefly met up with a few other friends for a tailgate.


DSC_0072.jpg DSC_0087.jpg


From my first steps into PNC Park, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites. The view, the concourses, everything. I just loved it. I highly recommend the pulled pork/pierogi sandwich which was located under a sign that said Smorgasburgh, which I thought was cute.

Speaking of pierogi’s, the Pirates have a Pierogi Race!

Pierogi Race

This was my third time seeing R.A. Dickey pitch this season and he was great, going the complete game. A fluke defensive play by Daniel Murphy at 3rd base and the stranding of far too many runners in scoring position pretty much sealed the Mets’ 3-2 loss. Of course the Mets put up a ton of runs on Friday and again on Sunday, neither of which we were at.

The full set of pictures from the game are here on Flickr.

Last note on the game: There was a post-game concert by Huey Lewis and the News in short center field and a fireworks show to go with it. Both were awesome:

The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News from Julie on Vimeo.

Our last stop before leaving Pittsburgh was the Duquesne Incline at Mount Washington. It was a hazy, humid morning, but the views were amazing.



More pictures from our trip up the Incline are on my Flickr.

To sum up the trip: awesome, despite the Mets loss. I can’t wait to go again.

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  1. Love this ballpark. One of the most scenic in the game. I’m a Reds fan and hope to see it this upcoming summer when the Reds are on the road.

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