Mets Game Watches 2012

April 9, 2012

At @finley_dunnes where my #Mets pennant proudly hangs

I’m trying something new this season by picking one Sunday a month for a game watch. This way, people can have it on the calendar now and if you can make it, great. If not, no big deal either. I think trying to plan ahead of time might get more turn out than a last minute get together. (Of course, I’ll still probably send emails for those as well.)

I started by picking a game for April, May and June that fit into my schedule. There is a weekend series in May vs. the Marlins which would make for a great meetup, but I already have something else scheduled that weekend. I’m planning these meetups for Finley Dunne’s, since I know they’ll put the game on for us, Sunday is typically a slower day for them and it’s conveniently located by an El stop – the Paulina Brown Line. (The above picture is from Finley Dunne’s. They hung a Mets pennant for me, so you know they are good people.)

The games:

Sun. April 15 – Mets vs Phillies, 12:35 CT

Sun. May 20 – Mets vs Blue Jays, 12:07 CT

Sun. June 10 – Mets vs Yankees, 12:05 CT

Hopefully none of the games get flexed to ESPN Sunday Night baseball. And the only thing that would prevent me from making any of these dates is if the Blackhawks have a home playoff game. Let’s see how these go before picking the next batch of games to plan for.

Hope to see you. Let’s go Mets!

3 Responses to “Mets Game Watches 2012”

  1. This is awesome. I will be there tomorrow in full regalia.

  2. hey!
    maybe you could help me.
    you know anything about Citi field?
    i am going there for the first time (my 14th stadium) and i heard that the first row in the 500 section is blocked by some glass or something?
    you know anything about that?
    you have any advice on where to sit?

    fellow baseball fan living in chicago

  3. Hi Matt- I know a little about Citi Field, but I’ll send you an email because it’ll be a little easier for me.

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