Johan Santana Makes Mets History

June 2, 2012

I clearly started this blog for a reason when I moved from New York, to chronicle different experiences as a Mets fan living in Chicago. The Mets have been the one professional sports team I’ve been a fan of the longest. And last night made it so worth it. Never giving up. Never getting down on the team or players. Always staying with them and watching into September when seasons were long over.

It’s hard in the day and age of Twitter to be a Mets fan and not living in New York. It makes me want to go to more games than I can get to. I follow a bunch of fellow fans, some who have become friends, that live in NY and can follow the Mets a little more easily with SNY on their local cable. Here in Chicago, it’s not so easy. But last night, Friday June 1, a day that will never be forgotten, I was at work and was able watch SNY straight through without the channel being blacked out upon completion. (That’s what happens when watching on

Just a few weeks ago my dad and I were talking about how great this 2012 Mets team is. There is something special about them. We thought this would be the year the Mets get a no-hitter and we thought it was going to be by R.A. Dickey. But then in the 7th inning I called my dad to make sure he was watching and we were both hopeful it would happen on this night with Johan Santana pitching.

There were so many defensive plays that helped Johan along in the game, most notably, Mike Baxter’s catch in left field in the 7th. He injured himself on the catch and had to leave the game. (Really hope he’s OK, because he has been so solid this season.)

When it was in the 8th inning (I think) I tweeted something about butterflies in my tummy. Soon enough it was the 9th inning and my eyes were glued to the TV on my desk at work. It happened. Johan Santana pitched the first no-hitter in Mets history!

It truly was so amazing and though I was sad to not have been able to watch the game live with Nik, it was really awesome to go through it with so many fellow fans through Twitter.

Nik and I happened to see a no-hitter last year. It was Minnesota’s Francisco Liriano against the White Sox. While it was amazing to see that in person, nothing beats my most favorite team from finally getting one.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to watch the archive of the game with Nik and continue to enjoy this milestone.

Let’s go Mets!


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  1. Hey, glad to hear that you were able to watch the game. I totally missed it, but one of my friends called me after the fact and we talked about it quite a bit over the phone. Good times!

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