Schedule Release Day is the Best Day

September 12, 2012

Whether it’s baseball, hockey or football, I always get excited when a season schedule is announced, especially since I don’t live in the city of my main team. I like to circle when NHL teams from the East come to Chicago. In baseball, I have wild dreams of making a bunch of road trips to here, there and somewhere inbetween. The Mets schedule for 2013 does not disappoint.

I intially looked over the schedule at and I went month-by-month looking at the road games. The trip to Minnesota for the Twins in April stood out instantly. Target Field is one of the new stadiums I’ve been wanting to see a game at and the series is over my birthday weekend. It works perfectly for a road trip.

My next bit of excitement was for a weekend Cubs series at Wrigley in May. This is the one time a year I know I step foot in that stadium, and it’s finally over a weekend. No need to take days off at work.

A few weeks later, at the end of June, the Mets return to Chicago for a two-game series against the White Sox. This might excite me more than the Cubs series. I absolutely love seeing games at US Cellular Field, and it’ll be great to finally see the Mets play there.

I next noticed a July weekend where the Mets travel to Milwaukee to face the Brewers. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the Mets play there once in my five years of living in Chicago, so it’s low on the priority list. Next season might be different because it’s conveniently over a weekend.

Moving to August, there’s is the possibility for a fantastic West Coast trip starting in Arizona, continuing to Los Angeles and concluding in San Diego. I’ve been to Dodger Stadium once, about seven years ago. Nik has never been, and I want to go again. We’ll keep this trip on our minds, but it wouldn’t be cheap to do.

The last road series that really caught my eye is in early September, when the Mets visit the Indians. I know the city and stadium aren’t much to get excited over but I’ve never been. If I’m going to make a trip there, I’d like it to be for when my team plays. This series is a little tricky because of busy season at work, but I’d like to make one game if timing allows.

Previously announced is the All-Star Game at Citi Field in mid-July. Tickets will be pricey, but at the minimum, I hope to be in New York during the festivities. I’m sure it’ll be a great time for the players, teams and tje city.

I really think this 2013 schedule excites me more than any in recent history. It probably helps that each league has an equal number of teams now and interleague play is more spread out through the season. Now we just have to hope the Mets field a strong team.

I believe. Do you? And what series are you looking forward to the most?

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5 Responses to “Schedule Release Day is the Best Day”

  1. I agree that the series in the south side should be cool. I’ve been to both Target Field and the Indians’ field, and both are actually pretty nice and worth a trip though obviously different. So, I’m guessing that you aren’t traveling up to Milwaukee this weekend? I’m planning on seeing Meijia start on Saturday night.

  2. Hey Jason, nope, not making it to Milwaukee. Working on Friday and Saturday nights so I’m looking forward to Sunday on my couch. I will see the Mets next Saturday at Citi vs. the Marlins, so I’m looking forward to one Mets last game this season.

  3. I’m looking forward to Detroit’s visit to New York next year, but I haven’t really had a chance to see if there are any good possibilities for a short road trip. (Then again, there are several reasons that any kind of road trip won’t be in the cards in 2013 anyway.)

  4. Chicago always makes for a good trip!

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