I Missed history

August 6, 2007

Tom Glavine

I don’t remember which came first, buying the Lollapalooza 3-day pass or the MLB schedules being released. But it was unfortunate for me that the Mets/Cubs series in Chicago coincided with Lollapalooza which was being headlined by Pearl Jam. Luckily though, Friday’s game was an afternoon game so I was able to see Ben Harper, the only performance I really cared to see. And luckily times two for me was that Saturday’s lineup consisted of performances I didn’t mind missing. But Sunday, Pearl Jam, no way I could miss that, not even for history.

Eddie Vedder and Dennis Rodman, Lollapalooza 2007

While I slept in a bit, Nik, Dom, Kelly and Myles Tersnak headed to Lollapalooza in time for the gates to open and secure a sweet spot for Pearl Jam…as you’ll tell by some of the pictures:

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam at Lollapalooza 2007Sexy Eddie Vedder, Lollapalooza 2007More Eddie VedderEven more Eddie VedderThe screen next to the stageEddie Vedder and Ben Harper, Lollapalooza 2007My view for Pearl Jam and special guestsEddie Vedder during the encore

Pearl Jam and guests, Lollapalooza 2007

Earlier in the day we also saw Kings of Leon (very enjoyable) and My Morning Jacket (absolutely unbearable!) I had to reserve my camera battery to make sure it lasted till the end, so I only took pictures of KOL when Eddie Vedder made a special appearance for a song.

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam with Kings Of Leon, Lollapalooza 2007

Kings Of Leon and Pearl Jam’s Eddie VedderMore Eddie and Kings Of LeonEddie Vedder singing with Kings Of LeonEddie Vedder walking off with Kings Of Leon

4 Responses to “I Missed history”

  1. You’re not the only one!! I was back in NJ by Saturday so I could catch the Police show at Giants Stadium on Sunday…listened to the last inning on the FAN!!!

  2. PS I also saw PJ play @ the Vic theater on Thursday night – crowd of 1400. Amazing!!

  3. at least you werent stuck in ohare for 3 hours watching on a crappy tv when you could have been there and then finally in the air for the end of the game…

  4. As Nik likes to say, the airline business blows. Just think of me while you’re AT playoff games and I’m watching them on tv.

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