Crazy Sports Weekend: Part 1

November 10, 2015

Several months ago, long before the Mets playoff run began, Nik and I had plans for a weekend in Toronto, Canada. He was going to be there for work and I’d fly up after and we’d stay the weekend to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame and see the Penguins/Maple Leafs game. Then the Mets playoffs run happened and a fun few weeks began. Toronto was still going to happen, mainly because of the hockey tickets we had, but a stop in New York was going to happen first.

If you follow this site, you already know that Nik and I went to World Series game 3, so let me explain how it happened: Nik flew the morning of Friday October 30th to New York from Toronto, I flew in from Chicago. We had a great day in Queens and Manhattan, taking the water taxi with Mike Piazza and then seeing the Mets beat the Royals. We slept for four hours then took a Saturday morning flight to Toronto. We did a few tourist things, saw the Penguins beat the Leafs and flew back to Chicago the next day, Sunday. It was pretty crazy but extremely fun. Here is part 1 of the trip:

The Hockey Hall of Fame


2015 Stanley Cup Champions Display

My first visit to the Hockey of Fame was pretty enjoyable. It was a smaller space than I expected, but you can spend as much time as you want looking at the various displays and trophies in the Great Hall. It was cool to see how hockey equipment has changed, and improved, over the years. I can’t imagine the helmet of Denis Potvin being used in the present game.

Denis Potvin helmet

Terry Sawchuck chest protector

The Great Hall is home to a special vault that houses many things: portraits and bio information of the Hall of Fame members; the original Stanley Cup; all of the major trophies on display and the Stanley Cup as we know it today. The only disappointment for me was not seeing much (read: any) Whalers stuff around the Hall.

Wayne Gretzky display

Mark Messier display

Mario Lemieux display

One big highlight for me was the open access to the Stanley Cup. I’ve had my picture taken with The Cup several times before, but I’ve never had a chance to look closely at the engravings, so I really appreciate the access they allow visitors. (Little known fact, but which I knew, there are two Stanley Cups. One that mainly goes on the road, called the Presentation Cup, and the other that is a stand-in for it at the Hall of Fame.) The one we saw hadn’t been engraved with the 2015 Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks names yet.

Original Stanley Cup

The Great Hall

Stanley Cup in the Great Hall

Lastly, as a fan of older architecture, I really liked the exterior of the Great Hall:

Hockey Hall of Fame exterior

Hockey Hall of Fame exterior

Additional pictures here.

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