A Few Words on Mike Piazza and the Hall of Fame

January 7, 2016

It’s about time! Seriously, it’s taken probably a year too long for Mike Piazza to get voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. We all have our ideas why it took so long, but I’m not wanting to write about it. Other sites have that covered.

I don’t remember how I felt when the Mets got Piazza in a trade. I was in college and probably little preoccupied with other stuff. However, I do regret not splurging and going to a 2000 World Series game.

Fast forward to my first job out of college. I was a production assistant for Imus in the Morning at WFAN. That’s really when my fandom and love for Piazza grew. I lived near Shea, got tickets to games all the time. Summer at Shea was just the best. That said, I’m trying to remember why I wouldn’t have gone to the first Mets game following September 11 attacks. Regardless, what a night that was for Piazza, the Mets, the fans and the city of New York.

Mike Piazza story #1

I worked for Imus for two years and one year for the holiday’s a co-worker gave me a Piazza bobblehead and a black Mets Piazza shirsey. The bobblehead always stayed in my office.

One day after work I was in the neighborhood doing errands and had my cell phone turned off. When I finally turned it on, I had a voicemail from one of the other WFAN show producers that Piazza was in the studio and I need to come back. I called and was too late, he was already gone. I was totally bummed. The next morning I get to work and my bobblehead is gone from my desk. Turns out my amazing co-workers got him to sign the base of it.

Autographed Piazza bobblehead

Mike Piazza story #2

In 2003 the Mets still did their caravan (promotional appearances around the city) and I went to the WFAN/Mike and the Mad Dog appearance. I don’t remember the location but I do remember the players sitting around tables available for autographs and pictures. (That link goes to a few pictures from the event.) Mike Piazza was there, but his access was pretty controlled and so that is why there is a table separating me from him in the picture below. (Sorry for the bad quality, this was before camera’s got all fancy.)

With Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza story #3

This one is pretty recent – from the 2015 World Series and my water taxi ride to the game with Piazza, his wife and Jim Breuer. It was an amazing hour of my life and certainly in the top five days of my life. He was the nicest person possible. Signing autographs for everyone, posing for pictures and so on. I was on cloud nine.

Me with Mike Piazza

I just can’t express how happy I am for Mike Piazza on his Hall of Fame selection. I want to make the trip to Cooperstown for the ceremony, but with some other trips I’d like to take, we’ll have to see.

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