Taking Care of Business

August 12, 2007

In the world of Mets related sites, a couple topics are getting some major attention. At first I wasn’t going to make a post regarding them because everyone else has it covered, but thanks to an email from loyal reader Jules, I decided to tackle both issues in one post.

This first being a petition to “Save The Apple”

Shea Stadium’s Home Run Apple

Many people laugh at our apple, but it’s a tradition that feels greater than any other.  When there’s a home run, the apple goes up. It’s that simple, and it must move to the new stadium. So, sign the petition to help SAVE THE APPLE!

Secondly, the lovable and huggable Mr. Met is up for induction into the Mascot Hall of Fame!

Mr. Met

Do your part and vote for him here! And while you’re at it, vote for Brutus Buckeye.

*Mets Apple picture taken by Bronder

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4 Responses to “Taking Care of Business”

  1. you know i love you julie but you also know how i feel about mr met…if they put him in the hall of fame does that mean i know longer have to see his ridiculously oversized head at shea all the time? and will we ever be able to answer the question of whether he can get back up if you knock him over? or what happens when he walks down an increasingly narrow hallway?

  2. oh and i do love the apple but i think we should focus on the more important loss of 10,000 seats in the new stadium…if we cant get in we certainly wont be able to miss the apple…

  3. I say you pay off some kids to try and knock Mr. Met over and see if he can get back up.

  4. Hey! Easy on Mr. Met! I happen to have an irrational crush on him. I know it’s probably time to discuss this with a therapist, but he’s just so damn cute!

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