The Sports Room: Before and After

March 1, 2016

Several years ago I wrote about the sports room in the condo where Nik and I live. The room was already painted red and we decided to leave it that way because we lean towards darker furniture and picture frames. Since then I have collected more bobbleheads and autographed items such as pictures and pucks. We wanted to change up the room a little bit and hang more pictures but do so in a good, clean looking way. It also helped that we wanted a new living room couch so we moved the old one into this room and moved the Shea Stadium seats to a different wall in the room. I know I’m biased, but I think the room looks great. What do you think?

Some before pictures:



And after:

View from the doorway

The two Mets canvas pictures were taken by me and made into canvas’ by another Flickr member who makes them for work and wanted to use a different picture of mine, so we worked out a trade. the cabinet to the left of the couch was purchased at Ikea and looks really sharp. See below for a close-up.


Baseball case

A close look at the baseball case. (Purchased on sale at Michaels!) Top row: Don Larsen; Michael Cuddyer/Daniel Murphy/Anthony Recker (2015); Mets 50th Anniversary ball; 2nd row: Todd Hundley (I think); Angel Pagan (2010); To Julie from “The Count” John Montefusco (My mom was his nurse after surgery.); 3rd row: Street hockey ball signed by my teammates before I moved from NY; ball thrown by David Wright that Nik grabbed in Milwaukee; Another ball signed by “The Count” John Montefusco


The Blackhawks canvas above the closet is the picture that the other Flickr member wanted to use. All three of the canvas’ look great.


We got rid of the other puck display case and bought this new shelf unit from Ikea. I used some bobbleheads to help fill the space and there are two more shelves with space for pucks. (I have the pucks, I just need to order more puck holders.)


The bobblehead cabinet now has some room since I moved a few things around. It’ll be full again in due time. And of course, the Shea Stadium seats remain.

Read more about the bobblehead cabinet here.

Click here to see a few more pictures of the new layout.

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