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October 30, 2007

Came across a nice article at about the career paths Chris Drury and Tom Glavine took. Both guys are from the New England area and both played baseball and hockey while growing up. And they both played them well.
To summarize: Glavine got drafted by the Atlanta Braves and the LA Kings. Drury’s fate changed when he suffered an injury and he turned towards hockey for good. Glavine just looked at his choices and went the path that would give him a longer career.


As we all know by now the Red Sox won the World Series….getting slightly upstaged by A-Rod’s news of opting out of his contract with the NY Skankees. I can’t wait to see where he goes, because there are only a small handful of teams that would really spend the amount of money he and his agent are seeking.

Several Mets blogs have talked about this and regardless of their thoughts, I do not want A-Rod to come to the Mets. We don’t need his drama or arrogance. He is a great player. No denying that. But I don’t want him and I don’t see him coming to Flushing.

As for the whole Yankees manager mess, whatever. I like Joe Torre and wish him well. Beyond that, I could care less about that organization. I do love how Mike Mussina and Jason Giambi (to name a few) went to the Bronx from otherwise good situations in hopes of a World Series and still haven’t gotten one.


Will the MLB commissioner and owners please just let Mark Cuban buy the Cubs. It’ll be fun for everyone!


Lastly, thanks to MetsBlog, I found out my baseball boyfriend will be on The Daily Show, Wednesday, October 31.

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