My Hockey Boyfriend and I!

January 25, 2008

It must really seem like I have a boyfriend in every sport…but there’s really only two…so here I am with my hockey boyfriend Jonathan Toews!

Jonathan Toews and Julie Rubinstein

To make a long story short, Nik got me Blackhawks tickets as a Chrismukkah present. The game just so happened to be the same night that a few of my co-workers (Ward, Kevin and Scott) had tickets for. So we all ventured to the United Center, or “The UC” as it’s called around town. Nik and I sat in their area which was below the press box. So every time there was a penalty or some other stoppage, we heard the press box phone ring from the ice. It was cool.

*Sidebar: Not sure when my interest in Toews came about, but I think it had to do with a “challenge” set forth by SportSquee.

During the second intermission, Kevin scoped out where the inured Jonathan Toews might be watching the game from. We saw him near a random older guy in a Blackhawks jersey in some nice box. So he and I ventured closer for a better view. As we got there we made eye contact with the guy in the jersey who we realized was the renowned organist Frank Pellico!

Without yelling up to Pellico, I began motioning to the back of my shirt and then pointing at Toews who was next to him (but kind of hidden). He told us to come up the stairs and around and come in! So we did. He handed me a sharpee to get an autograph from Toews, but I really wanted a picture because they last longer. So I go up to Toews and ask for a picture, and he says “What’d you do, just walk in here?” and I said, “no, he (pointing to Pellico) let us in.” It was great. I got the above picture as well as the two others below.

Kevin and Blackhawks organist Frank PellicoJulie at Frank Pellico’s organChicago Blackhawks vs Columbus Blue JacketsA little scuffle, Chicago Blackhawks vs Columbus Blue Jackets

For those who wondered how the game went…well, it was quite uneventful and the Blackhawks lost 1-0 to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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  1. Yo – this has nothing to do with a hockey boyfriend. But congrats on Santana. Hopefully this means you won’t even need to squander a 9 game lead at the end of 2008.

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