Horrible Idea!

March 10, 2008

I am a Mets fan first and foremost! I am now a transplanted Connecticuter (?), New Yorker and Mets fan living in Chicago. I have embraced the history of Wrigley Field and the resurging Blackhawks, but I still miss a few things about NYC…

However, an outdoor ice hockey game at Yankee Stadium? Are you kidding me?!? Sure it’s a historical landmark, and everyone wants to host or play in the next Winter Classic. But if that’s the case, let the last event at Yankee Stadium be a Yankees game! The Rangers are one of the teams interested in playing there. But do they really need it? They draw enough of a crowd. As I previously wrote, it’d be great for a Winter Classic to be played in Chicago. Let the Blackhawks have this time to shine and hopefully an outdoor ice hockey game.

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