8 Days…

March 21, 2008

…Till the Mets play in Memphis, however, it’s 6 days till we leave and hit the road to get there.

So as I catch today’s afternoon game against the Nationals on SNY, the first thought that came to me was when I saw Paul Lo Duca in his strange new uniform.  He’s making his first spring start for the Nats and it’s odd to see him not playing for the Mets.

Of course I have other thoughts beyond Paulie…Good to see Pedro making another start. Great to hear that Santana had a pretty decent outing yesterday against the Orioles.

Let’s all pause for my boyfriend’s at-bat… And he lines it to left field for a single. That’s my boy! Do more of that next Saturday please…and all season long. And then Beltran hits a nice double advancing D-Wright to third.

Alright, enough “live blogging” from me. So stay tuned for pictures and stories of our adventure to Memphis.

Go Mets!

4 Responses to “8 Days…”

  1. This season cannot come soon enough.

    I’ve had it with the meaningless games, and I want to see some REAL baseball!

  2. Couldn’t have said it any better! You catching any of town Mets games this season?

  3. Not unless some magic happens.

    I might land an internship in NYC…so we’ll see.

  4. Also a Huge mets fan here living in chicago, roscoe village actually. Heading down to memphis myself with some of my white sox fan friends for the weekend. Should be a great time!!

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