I'm Going to a Stanley Cup Game!

May 21, 2008

Seven years after getting my picture taken with The Cup (see below), I’m going to a Stanley Cup game, actually two and depending on how things go, quite possibly a third game.

Julie and the Stanley Cup

Sure it’s not the Rangers or the Blackhawks, but as Nik has adopted the Mets, I have adopted the Penguins. I’m excited to see Sid The Kid and his Penguins take on the Detroit Red Wings.

Game one is Saturday, game two is Monday. Both in Detroit. Gosh, I love living in Chicago for its convenient locations and chances to see games in new cities.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

And not to be overlooked, our boys had a great weekend in the Bronx! Vote Ryan Chruch, David Wright and Jose Reyes for the All Star Team!

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2 Responses to “I'm Going to a Stanley Cup Game!”

  1. Well look at you!

    Lucky duck!

  2. Just a little something to look forward to while the Mets continue to stink it up.

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