Penguins/Red Wings – Stanley Cup Game 1

May 25, 2008

While the Mets were busy winning their first game in what seems like a month, Nik and I ventured to Detroit for game one of the Stanley Cup finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings.

Opening faceoff

While the bar we went to pre-game was decent, and the people there were fun, the same couldn’t be said for a select few fans around our seats. I guess it only takes 3 goals for people to start talking shit and feel good about their teams’ chance to win the game.

Despite the Penguins loss, it was still a fun experience. We’ll be back there on Monday for game two…hopefully a Pittsburgh win. Because, remember Detroit fans, it takes four wins, not one, to win the cup. Jackasses.

PS– to all the ladies who frequent Shea Stadium: the bathrooms at Joe Louis Arena – far worse! Four stalls, and only one door to enter and exit from. So enjoy Shea in its last year knowing there’s a worse venue for ladies rooms.

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