Little Blue Pills

June 10, 2008

Who knew Roger Clemens took Viagra!?

According to a report in the NY Daily News, the fat piece of poop was known to have some Viagra stashed away in his locker. In light of his recent sex-capades, and steroid denials, is this a shock? I guess not, but it still kind of is.

Apparently, “off-label uses for Viagra” include:

  • Helps to build endurance, especially for athletes who compete at high altitudes
  • Delivers oxygen, nutrients and performance-enhancing drugs to muscles more efficiently

Makes sense I suppose. But really, who knew? This using Viagra for an edge in sports is new to me. But maybe it helps explain this picture of Roger Clemens in this cozy position with Derek Jeter:

Roger Clemens wants to bang Derek Jeter

2 Responses to “Little Blue Pills”

  1. “fat piece of poop” that’s mature. kinda like poo poo poo… perez

  2. Hey, that picture looks photo-shopped!

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