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July 14, 2008

Ok, well not exactly, but this is my mid-season post about all things Julie:

Let’s start with the Mets. They are on a nine-game winning streak. I don’t really care if it’s the change in the clubhouse or whatever that caused this upswing, I’m just glad it’s finally happening – on all levels. The young guys, the utility guys, the pitchers. It’s all just working. Keep it up boys.

Hey now, you’re an All-Star. Yep, my boy (and yours) David Wright will be making this third straight All-Star Game appearance. He made the team when NL team manager Clint Hurdle picked him to replace injured Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano. So what if he wasn’t voted to the team. He’s there representing the Mets and us fans who wanted him there. Luckily the game is in New York, so hopefully the commute to Skankee Stadium and back won’t be too much for him and he’ll still feel a little rested when the team resumes play on Thursday in Cincinnati.

Billy Wagner and David Wright All-Stars

Did You Know: The last National League All-Star Game MVP was Mike Piazza in 1996!

An update on my Chicago wings hunt: Back when I started this site after moving to Chicago, I said I was on the hunt for good buffalo wings. My level of standard is based on the wings at Blondies in NYC. Through some trial (and error?), I have found a few places that I like and recommend. I’ve already mentioned Merkle’s and Finley Dunne’s, so now add to the list Riverview and Southport Lanes.

Also on the bar front: Slowly Magic Hat #9 is making its way West (on draft only in Chicago). It appeared in a few bars late in the winter; Nik and I stocked up on it while in Detroit; And now, one of my favorite bars – Finley Dunne’s – carries it!

I’m still pulling for Mark Cuban and the Cubs. Heck, even SI’s Peter King agrees. In talking about the Steelers and the possible association between Cuban and the Steelers he says this: “…Putting Mark Cuban in the mix there isn’t necessary. Now, putting him in Cub ownership, that’s a different story. What a plus he’d be there.” I couldn’t agree more.

Staying on the Chicago Sport Scene: As previously mentioned here, Nik and I are now Blackhawks season ticket owners. You have no idea how anxious I am for the NHL schedule to be announced later this week. A) I cannot wait for the official announcement/confirmation of an outdoor ice hockey game at Wrigley, most certainly including the Blackhawks. B) I’ve got my fingers crossed that some of the NHL east teams I care to watch (Rangers, Penguins, Islanders etc.) do indeed come to town this season.

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