Cubs/Phillies at Wrigley

August 29, 2008

The other night Nik and I were talking about going to “Blackhawks Night” at an upcoming White Sox game. He said he’d rather see another Cubs game before the season is over. So I looked at their schedule and saw the Phillies were coming to town and thought, this is great, I can finally root for the Cubs, let’s go.

Phuck Philly

We decided on Thursday’s game since it was a night game. Nik and I met at Merkle’s and quickly hurried over to meet our friend Dan at the bleachers for his one extra ticket. We scalped another on the way over. So there we were, front row of the left field bleachers, (hence all the pictures of Alfonso Soriano). It was awesome. Great view, fun people and a Cubs comeback win to help out the Mets!

Nik and ISorianoSoriano's backsidePat Burrell after Cubs grand slamFans cheer after grand slam

4 Responses to “Cubs/Phillies at Wrigley”

  1. AMAZING t-shirt.

  2. Thanks. There was no way I was gonna wear a Cubs shirt, but I wanted to somehow show I hate the Phillies, so this worked. And I can even wear it to a Mets game if I wanted.

  3. Agree with Vazzano, HEART the shirt! That’s up there with a Go Big Pelf caliber-shirt!

  4. Brilliant!

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