November Ramblings

November 17, 2008

Here we are, half way through the month of November and the baseball hot stove is heating up. Yay. Great. Woo-hoo. Seriously, tell me when deals are done. I’m not a fan of the rumors, the daily reports and so on. I know the Mets need pitching help and I hope they are smart about who they sign or make deals with. Just tell me when a deal is done.

Next, my hopes for a Mark Cuban owned Cubs team have taken a big hit today with the news that the Securities and Exchange Commission is accusing him of insider trading for allegedly using confidential information on a stock sale to avoid more than $750,000 in losses. Who knows what his defense of this is, but I’m sure this is not going to help his case with the MLB in buying the Cubs. Too bad, because he’d be one reason for me to enjoy the Cubs a bit more than I already do.

And lastly, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time as a Blackhawks season ticket holder. I have been to 9 out of 11 home games so far and I’m not sick of it yet! Though I’ve seen more overtimes and shootouts than I care for, it certainly has been fun; including my rubbing shoulders with Eddie Olczyk:

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