December Ramblings

December 16, 2008

It’s about that time for some random thoughts…

First up, it’s been a snowy day in Chicago and at 2pm when I headed to work, the three main streets I drive on, all main roadways by the way, had not been touched by plows. Just wonderful. Keep on buying those SUV’s city of Chicago and sacrificing the plowing and salting.

Staying on the snow subject, the truck carrying all the parts for the Winter Classic rink arrived at Wrigley today. I’ve written extensively about the game, so needless to say, as each day passes I get more excited for January 1st:

Since this is a Mets blog, let’s just say I’m happy with the deals the Mets have made. Signing K-Rod, trading for Putz. I like it. Obviously there is still more work to be done – um, anyone got a starter for us? I’m hoping for good things in 2009.

More baseball- Not sure when it launched, but the MLB network now has a website. The studios look like they’ll be pretty cool. They are occupying the old MSNBC studio space. Quite a big change, having seen the MSNBC space in person.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Just enjoying hockey season, looking forward to a few Bowl games and getting ready for opening day 2009!

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