March Ramblings

March 24, 2009

I personally don’t have much in terms of Chicago Mets news just yet, except that I’m hoping to get a Mets pennant hung up at the local bar I watched some games at last season. Stay tuned for photographic evidence once it happens.

A few links I’d like to share:

I never thought I’d miss NYC as much as I am becuause of all the excitement surrounding this new stadium. I hope to get there at least once this spring or summer.

  • I was sent a link a week or so ago to The Wright Stache. Their tagline: The internet leader in encouraging David Wright to grow a mustache since 2009. Because naked lips don’t win championships.

I’m not sure a how a plain ole ‘stache will look, but I know I’m a fan of his occaisional stubble or goatee:

David Wright with a goatee

  • I’ve only heard it rumored, but apparently, a ‘mass flush’ really does take place when testing the plumbing at a new venue/arena. Go on, read about the “Flushing in Flushing.”
  • And lastly, it’s just under two weeks till the Mets open the regular season in Cinci. Anyone else eager to get it going?

5 Responses to “March Ramblings”

  1. “Anyone else eager to get it going?”

    Me me me me me me!!!!

    I’m all for the beard movement in 2009. ’86 had ‘staches, ’09 should have beards.

  2. I like the beard movement. Big Pelf, D-Wright and Ryan Church with beards? I’m gonna need some cooling down!

  3. I personally will not let David grow a ‘stache.

  4. But Ellie, you have to admit he looks good with a little stubble or goatee, right?

    Also, where’s our boy Nickeas? Is he still in the Mets system?

  5. Now, I am NOT a big supporter of a full-out mustache. However, I do like the goatee. I’m not as big of a fan of the stubble, as I feel inclined to mention to whoever is around me while watching the game that he needs to shave.

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