Road Trip: San Francisco

May 18, 2009

Nik and Julie

This was a trip that started to take shape this past fall when the Mets schedule was released. The Mets were going to be in San Francisco to play the Giants over a weekend, perfect timing for a long weekend away. And a perfect weekend it was.

Nik and I planned ahead of time for two Mets/Giants games on Thursday and Friday night and decided on a whim to catch Saturday’s game.


Due to a horrible transit system, we missed the start of the game, but we got over that quickly. The stadium is one of the nicest I have ever been to, especially the great views out to the bay. We had some great upper box seats just to the side of home plate. I thoroughly enjoyed the garlic fries. We got to see some great hitting by D-Wright and a K-Rod appearance in person, and of course a Mets win. The slideshow below (or here on Flickr) is from that night’s game. After the game, we stopped at the 21st Amendment Brewery where I had the Hell or High Watermelon Wheat beer. It was quite good.


Our day started out with a nice 1.2 mile walk from our hotel to the Fisherman’s Wharf area where we were tourists until game time. We walked around, ate and drank and then took a ferry out to Alcatraz for a tour. (Those pictures can be seen here).

After Alcatraz (which included countless more miles being walked) we made our way over the stadium…by foot! Traffic was busy and a cab would’ve been worthless…It turned out to be just under 3 miles of a walk…

We got to the stadium just as gates opened and I headed to the area behind the Mets dugout to take pictures. I walked down and not a word was said to me by any staff or security. After hanging there for awhile, I walked around the Promenade concourse to scope out the food options (more garlic fries, pizza, sausages, brats etc) and to take more pictures from various locations at the stadium. The full set of pictures can be seen below or here on Flickr. It was another great Mets win. Nik and I were now 2-for-2 at AT&T Park.


The morning started out with a small bite to eat near our hotel and then our friend James picked us up and drove us around town for a bit. We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and parked on the other side for some amazing views of the bridge and the city. (Pictures here).

It was about noon and I’d been dropping subtle hints about the 1pm Mets/Giants game that was going to be Johan Santana vs. Randy Johnson. We decided to catch one last game since we were in town and it was worth it! (Even though we missed the first inning). The game probably ended up being sold out and we luckily got tickets for the upper level out in left field which was good because it was a hot day and these seats were under the overhang. Needless to say, we were now 3-for-3 at the stadium. Certainly a good weekend. Check out the slideshow below for pictures or view them on Flickr.


After an adventurous ride to the airport, we boarded our flight for home. This time the flight didn’t have Wifi like our flight out. Oh well. It was still a great weekend. I hope you enjoy the pictures, because our new camera is awesome.


  • San Francisco’s public transit is the worst I have ever experienced. Between at least 3 types of buses, the “muni” and cable cars, it was surprisingly not easy to get around.
  • AT&T Park is really nice: Along one of the exterior walls are various plaques for players of their past. Out on the center field wall is a plaque to honor Barry Bonds’ home run record. They have a K corner out in right field. When the Giants hit a home run, the four “tall cannon looking things” in the outfield would let out steam and make a horn noise, which I think is a reference to the fog horn San Francisco sounds to alert vessels sailing through the Golden Gate Bridge when fog rolls in.
  • The team had this pre-game pop-fly game for kids that took place on the field. They had to catch pop-fly’s, the most catches out of 4 won. Just another example of catering to the fans. (We saw this on Friday and since we missed the beginning of the two other games we went to, I’m not sure if this takes place at each game or not).

Next road trip: a weekend in DC, June 5-7 where I’ll catch one Mets/Nationals game.

*Most of the links in this post take you directly to a picture to reflect what I’m describing.

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  1. Hey Chicago,

    I was at Saturday’s game also. What a win! Moved to SoCal from NJ a few months ago. Great pictures!

  2. Scott, thanks for stopping by! It was a great couple games we saw while there. That’s cool your move happened in time for you to see the Mets. Let me know if you are ever in Chicago for a game.

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