Road Trip: Washington, DC

June 7, 2009

The girls: Tilli, Jenn, Kim, Julie

I spent this past weekend in Alexandria, Virginia seeing some good friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in at least a year. I planned to go this particular weekend because the Mets were playing the Nationals and I wanted to see a game in their new stadium.

The game was Saturday night, so until game time my friends and I spent the afternoon in Old Alexendria and took the Washington Monuments Cruise along the Potomac. It was something different to do and very enjoyable.

Washington Monument and Jefferson MemorialLincoln MemorialThe Watergate Complex

We got to Nationals Park shortly before first pitch and after taking a few pictures and getting some beers, we made our way to the seats which were directly in the sun. (For future reference, choose seats that are on the left half of the stadium to avoid the direct sun which had me sweating bullets.) I knew Coop, Corey and a few other Mets bloggers were in the same section so I said a quick hi on my way to my seats intending to chat more later. Unfortunately we didn’t get to chat that much because they smartly moved to a lower section in the shade. (I’m still disappointed I didn’t get to formally meet The Wright Stuff’s Danielle and a few others. Next time!)


John Maine batting

John Maine

John Maine

We all know how the game went, so there’s really nothing much to say about it. The ballpark is very nice, full of Mets fans and there was some good in-game entertainment (The President’s Race, Segway Sausage Shooter). We parked at RFK stadium for FREE, and then took a FREE shuttle that drops you about 3 blocks from the current ballpark.

All in all it was a great weekend and I want to thank Jenn and Steve for having us all weekend!

The President Race

The President Race

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  1. Hey, I was there too! How about the FREE program/scorecard when you walk through the gates. Pretty great servive, huh?

    Lets Go Mets!

  2. Hey…too bad there isn’t and easy way to spread the word to arrange a quick Mets meetup at away games. And yeah, the free program was nice. One way to keep people coming back I guess.

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