Twitter Poll: Worst Mets Moment of the Season?

June 29, 2009
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Prompted by an email amongst myself and a few of my co-workers who are Mets fans, I threw out the following twitter poll:

Vote for the worst moment of the Mets progressively worthless season…

A) Ryan Church misses 3rd base in what would have been go ahead run vs Dodgers, Mets would lose in bottom half of inning

B) Luis Castillo drops routine pop up for final out of game, two runs score and Yankees win

C) Francisco Rodriguez walks Mariano Rivera with bases loaded and 2 outs, Yankees get insurance run and win

The replies:

@MarkBennardo – Frankie walking Mo last night was bad, but Castillo’s dropped pop up is still the worst in my book. Maybe worst in Mets history.

@chrisbirckhead – B and it’s not close

@metsgrrl – C

@TheRopolitans – B

@nerdgirljulie – C

@nikbronder – B.  That’s the only one that really caused a W to directly to become L.

Scott S. – C

Scott D. – B, but the mere fact that there’s enough to even compile a list shows the sad state of affairs in queens.

Walter W. – B, hands down.

What do you say? Let me know in the comments section.

6 Responses to “Twitter Poll: Worst Mets Moment of the Season?”

  1. B was truly impressive. I would say C for the sheer ridiculousness of a closer walking an American League closer… but when B happened, I had some hope for the game and the season.

  2. B, followed a bit closely by C.

    As for the season, however, I am going to disagree a bit with my fellow brethren by saying that this season has been a relative success. Why? Because it’s still remarkable to me that a) the Mets are still a few games out of 1st place; b) they’ve been playing .500 or above ball for a while now; c) they accomplished a) and b) without a deep starting rotation and a minimally repaired / improved bullpen; d) they’ve accomplished all of the above without 3 of their 4 best players for many, many games.

  3. This is what I said when I was emailing with my co-workers:

    Tough to choose just one. It’s a toss up between A and B. Both are things you learn in little league! C…well, we were losing already and c’mon, we weren’t going to make a comeback.

    You both have very good points. And Andrew, you’re right, only a few games out of first and we still have a bunch of games left to be played.

  4. I think A – at the time they were playing well and starting to make a run. Ever since then they have not been the same.

  5. B – not only the worst of the season, but one of the worst defeats all time.

  6. Don’t know about worst METS moment. But B and C are both good YANKEES moments!

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