My First Two Games at Citi Field

August 25, 2009

Waaay back in April or so, Nik and I picked the weekend of August 21st to head to NY to see family, friends and the Mets. Due to some scheduling conflicts, I arrived on the 20th and made plans to see my first game at Citi Field against the Braves.



My brick!

I met up with Metsgrrl and TBF before the game where they helped me score a $10 upper level seat. I had already done exterior picture taking before meeting them, so when they arrived we headed in. It was a nice to have some seasoned fans to give me a little tour of the new home of the NY Mets. First impression: Amazing! It really is a great stadium and I found very few things to dislike. It’ll just take some getting used to, of course, just like any new stadium would.



I thoroughly enjoyed watching the game with them as well as with Coop. It was a Johan start which should have meant good things, but without many power hitters, he didn’t get the run support needed for a win. And for those curious minds, I had the pulled pork sandwich from Blue Smoke which was pretty good.

*The full set of my stadium pictures are here and the full set of Mets/Braves game pictures are here.

My second game was with my parents and Nik. It was the night of August 22, the night where the 1969 Mets World Championship team was honored for the 40th anniversary of their Championship.We were in section 510, row 1. Some of my favorite pictures from the ceremony:


Nolan Ryan


Tom Seaver, Yogi Berra, Eddie Yost

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I know they all look tiny, but those are the living members of the 1969 team on the field.


Pitchers and catchers


It was a great ceremony and celebration. I had previously been to the 25th anniversary celebration for the 1986 Championship team and was in attendance for the game where Tom Seaver’s number was retired, though I vaguely remember it. And my food of choice for this game was the Shake Shack Burger: Best. Thing. Ever!

Special on-deck circle DSC_0068.JPG DSC_0081.JPG

*Click on the thumbnails for larger image
** The full set of ceremony pictures can be seen here
***The full set of Mets/Phillies pictures can be seen here

3 Responses to “My First Two Games at Citi Field”

  1. Your very own brick! Awesome! Great pics, looks like you had a good time (except the loss, natch..)

  2. Hey, Julie!!
    I was at the game Saturday night, too (as well as the one in ’06 for the 1986 Mets celebration.) I was out in the pepsi porch. Too bad we didn’t know the other was there – we could have met up. (by the way, I still have the Willie Randolph bobble-head you gave me for my son Logan, haha!)
    Hope all’s well in Chicago! My husband loves it there (i’ve never been) and I keep telling him we have to go out for a Cubs/Mets game.
    Take care,
    Cassie (MSNBC)

  3. You finally got to Citi Field! Too bad you got there after the patient was smothered by a pillow, which happened long before the All-Star break. Nice stadium, but the fact that you got tickets for $10 illustrates how people who bought tickets in advance–especially seats near the field–have been getting hosed all year by the Wilpons. I had top notch tickets for the Mets-Yankees game I wasn’t in town for and had to beg someone to take them and lost hundreds. Nice value.

    Anyway, loved your photos. I was on the field for the Saturday ceremony but got lousy pics. Is it possible to use your shot from above that shows the whole field for a book on the ’69 Mets coming out this fall? A photographer got some close-ups of the players but yours shows the whole field in a cool, geometric kind of pattern. Let me know and if so, what you want your credit to be.

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