Beer Me!

November 30, 2009

If you follow me or Nik on Twitter, you might have seen that we’ve begun to homebrew beer. We’ve had three successful batches and one batch that we aborted half way through.

For a look back at our very first attempt, click here, here and here.

Back to the present, our third batch of beer is a pale ale. It’s the same recipe as our first batch that was documented in the links above. However, this time we had some fun with the labels:

Chicago Mets Fan Ale

A few Mets friends will be getting a couple bottles shortly. I hope they enjoy!

2 Responses to “Beer Me!”

  1. Great labels! Send a case over to Omar, he’s gonna need the alcohol to get him through the winter meetings.

  2. He’s gonna need a whole lot more than booze to make it to April.

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