What do you do with your tickets?

April 8, 2010

It’s a slow day for this Chicago Mets fan, so I asked on Twitter what people do with tickets that they save from events they have gone to.

Not surprising, most people store them in shoeboxes. TheHappyRecap even sent along this picture of where he keeps his. KDoster said she started a photo album type display and realized it was too much work. A few other clever replies came from Nicolino11 where he keeps them on the fridge or in a drawer, often causing a mess and making his wife annoyed. Beatbelow does a cool thing with his concert tickets where he sticks them with the CD insert or a poster. BYoucha tapes baseball tickets to scorecard and her football and concerts tickets are filed in a coffee mug.

Surprising was that only one person said they’ve made a collage: nymqueen made hers using mod podge and suggests making sure the collage dries flat, that the edges curled up on hers from the mod podge. I would LOVE to make a collage, but I’m just not that creative.

Below are a few pictures of how I save mine. I started out putting them in baseball card holders in a binder. From there I put some in a tupperware container, and now I just put them on a shelf in the living room. The shelves also hold various bobbleheads, pucks and other tchotchke’s.

Tickets in baseballcard holderTickets in baseball card holdersTickets and tchotchke's on a shelf

Chime in with a comment on what you do with yours!

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One Response to “What do you do with your tickets?”

  1. All of my tickets, from any event, are all placed in a desktop organizer that I use at home. They’re all scattered about, bumpy and unruly, but for the time being…it’s good enough.

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