2011 Baseball Schedules are Out!

September 15, 2010

There are many jokes to be made about how long this Mets season has been over. But I’ll leave those for other people to make. I want to look ahead to the games and series that I’m looking forward to most in 2011. In order of date:

April 8 – The Mets home opener vs. the Nationals. There had been talk the home openers were going to be on Friday’s and this excites me because Friday is typically one of my days off during my busy time at work. I ‘d be able to fly home Thursday (also my day off), see the game, and come back Saturday in time for work. Getting tickets to the game will probably be the trickiest part.

April 15-17 – I will be in Colorado for a wedding and it turns out the Rockies are home during that time. (Oddly enough, they’ll have just played the Mets at Citi Field.) This particular series is against the Cubs, which is funny to me because I can see them any time I want at home. I’m hoping a game sometime that weekend works out, because it would be great to see a game at Coors Field while I’m already in town.

May 24-26 – The Mets come to Chicago. Clearly this is my favorite series because it requires the least amount of travel. It kind of stinks the games are smack in the middle of the week, but I’ll find a way to be at the games.

June 10-12 – Maybe, just maybe this will be when I get to Pittsburgh! The games are over a weekend which I should have off at work by then. I have to say, PNC Park is really on the top of my list to see next. Hopefully it can happen this time.

June 28-30 – This might be a time I head to Detroit. It’s not my favorite city to go to, but the Mets will be there, and I would like to see a game at Comerica Park. The dates are all weekdays which might make a bit tough, but we’ll see. (If only the interleague gods were kinder, they would have put the Texas series during the week, and the Detroit series on a weekend.)

The silver lining to all of this? All these games are before the All-Star break, which as we know, the Mets seem to fall apart in the second half of the season.

I’m hoping 2011 is a better year for the Mets. What games are you looking forward to?

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