Me and The Pros

Since moving to Chicago I’ve rubbed elbows with a bunch more athletes:

With Adam Burish

Above: With Blackhawks forward Adam Burish at US Cellular Field, Sept. 2009.

With Niklas Hjalmarsson

Above: With Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson at US Cellular Field, Sept. 2009.

Me with Jack Skille

Above: With Blackhawks forward Jack Skille at US Cellular Field, Sept. 2009.

With Andrew Ladd

Above: With Andrew Ladd at the inaugural Blackhawks convention, 2008.

With Jonathan Toews

Above: With Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews, January 2008.

Me With Ryan Church

Above: With former Mets outfielder Ryan Church, April 2008.

Me With Joe Smith

Above: With former Mets pitcher Joe Smith, April 2008.

Most of the Mets pictures below are from two different Mets Caravan promotional appearances in New York City with thanks to WFAN.

With “my husband” Mike Piazza

I love me some Mike Piazza…no matter what team he played for after the Mets.

With David Wright

With Darryl StrawberryWith Paul Lo DucaWith old man Julio FrancoWith Xavier NadyWith Billy WagnerWith Aaron HeilmanWith Chris WoodwardCliff Floyd and Steve Trachsel

With Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist

Above: With Henrik Lundqvist at a Rangers event. Picture is a little blurry…deal with it.

Nick Mangold and I

Above: With current NY Jets center and former OSU football player Nick Mangold.