Game Watches

I often get emails from people asking if there is a bar in the city that has an affiliation to the Mets. While there isn’t any official bar, I have become friendly with the staff at Finley Dunne’s in Lakeview. They have the MLB Extra Innings package, as many bars in the city do, and are very accommodating putting a Mets game on a TV. Several times, we’ve been able to use their back room and have the game with audio.

A highlight of Finley Dunne’s? The pennant they were kind enough to hang for me:

Mets Pennant at Finley Dunne's

I don’t have an official Mets meetup group or list-serv, but I do have a group of roughly 50 Mets fans in a personal email list. If you would like to be added, please send me an email: I look forward to meeting new Mets fans in Chicago!