Tired, Sloppy Play Leads to Loss

June 26, 2012

It seems that over the last few years whenever the Mets come to Chicago to play the Cubs, they always struggle. Monday’s opener in the series was no different. The team arrived to Chicago at 4am following their Sunday night game in New York against the Yankees. I’m sure the Mets were dealing with the […]


Johan Santana Makes Mets History

June 2, 2012

I clearly started this blog for a reason when I moved from New York, to chronicle different experiences as a Mets fan living in Chicago. The Mets have been the one professional sports team I’ve been a fan of the longest. And last night made it so worth it. Never giving up. Never getting down […]


Mets Game Watches 2012

April 9, 2012

I’m trying something new this season by picking one Sunday a month for a game watch. This way, people can have it on the calendar now and if you can make it, great. If not, no big deal either. I think trying to plan ahead of time might get more turn out than a last […]


Spring is in the Air

February 14, 2012

I haven’t posted anything Mets in a long time, but that’s my way my around here. I’m not a daily blogger, there are many good ones out there already tackling the day to day news. Hands down though, I always post around this time when players start reporting to spring training. There’s something in the […]


The Sports Room

February 11, 2012

Nik and I recently moved into a new condo and wasted no time making on of the bedrooms a sports room. The room was already painted red when we moved in and since most of our frames and shelves were a dark color, we decided to leave the paint color alone. (Note: click on any […]


A Look at Mets Interleague Opponents

September 14, 2011

Today the 2012 MLB schedules for all of the teams were released and with it always comes a lot excitement and criticism. Excitement to plan road trips (more on that in another post) and criticism for the interleague match-ups. Interleague play began with the 1997 season for reasons that can be read on Wikipedia. In […]


Mets vs. Cubs + The Cold = A Loss

May 27, 2011

Game 3 of the Mets/Cubs series was by the far the coldest. I even had to break out long underwear. TMI? Once again, Nik and I were supposed to be in the 400’s but we sat in some empty seats on the 200 level and had a great view of everything, even R.A. Dickey tripping […]


The Mets are Coming to Town!

May 19, 2011

As I’ve done previously, I want to organize pre-game meetups. Where: Merkle’s on Clark Street. One of the owners is a Mets fan which I think is pretty cool. I emailed him asking about specials: $6 1/2 lb. burgers every game. Wednesday night: $10 pitchers; and shot specials for all people in Mets gear (pre-game […]


Dodgers vs. Mets – May 6, 2011

May 9, 2011

About a month ago I made plans to head to NY for a family weekend. I knew I’d have Friday night free and saw that Mets tickets were going for cheap. I kept an eye on things and finally bought a pair of tickets in section 111 for $62 each. That price included fees and […]


Pictures with Mets Alumni

May 8, 2011

Until I write a full post about the Mets/Dodgers game from Friday, I wanted to get the pictures of Mets Alumni posted. Most of the pictures were taken on my iPhone by kind people standing nearby. Each of the guys were very nice and very social, especially Ed Hearn who was letting people wear his […]